Here is a list with resources. Some of them I have been sharing during my classes at PJAIT. I'm planning to update this list from time to time. Enjoy!


Butterick's Practical Typography
A clear website full of practical information about typography with lots of definitions, dos and don'ts.

An interesting website about printing with some tips.

Typography Guru
A visual glossary and dictionary about typography.

Typewolf Cheatsheet
This website offers a lot of valuable information about type, fonts and what's trending. 

Grid by Thinking With Type
Short, informative introduction to using grids.


Visualizing Architecture by Alex Hogrefe
Some of my favorite Photoshop tutorials. Very creative approach with easy to understand techniques and unique results. 

Karl Taylor Education
If you are interested in learning photography from the technical side, then I highly recommend this website. Especially his YouTube channel. 


Photography Mapped
Easy to follow and visually pleasing tool that helps to understand how photography works.

Method of Action
A few games that will help you with your graphic design skills. How high can you score?


Surreal Photography by Erik Johansson
Full of imagination, photorealistic worlds. Most of the works have a short behind the scenes video on Erik's YouTube channel. They show the workload and preparation that goes into these projects.

Dieter Rams: 10 Principles for Good Design
Some interesting points on design in general. Based on the experience and thoughts of a famous product designer. 

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